Surface tension



"Surface Tension" is a self-reflection project  in which the artist explores his personal creative biography. Scientists called “surface tension” the tendency of liquid molecules to bind together on the surface, forming a thin film. Just this property of water does not allow the clip down to the bottom of the glass during the experiment. Here geometrical abstractions strung to the drawings as reinforcement, so that children experiment becomes vivid artistic image, illustrating the origins of the formation the artist's style. To create installation were used the old drawings of  machines from Chusovoy metallurgical factory, where the artist was an intern and worker.

The name of the exhibition "map and the territory", on the one hand, we refers to the novel by Michel Houellebecq, and at the same time, provoke conflict and the real object of his iconic images. What is interesting, the map or the area? The very object or an artistic image?

The starting point for the development of the exhibition space became a plant, as an object of industrial heritage in the Urals map. Old bricks, drawings industrial applications, photos of plants and other "found objects" have become material for creating art objects three artists resident "House porter."
Alex Schigalev Konstantin Aleninsky and Alexander Agafonov volunteered to take part in the next creative experiment "House porter", the aim of which was the understanding of the industrial map of the Urals as a space for mobilization.
The exhibition presents three different artistic look at how you can work with a real object (territory) or its image (map), so that through a personal experience to go out on the interaction of modern art and industrial heritage.

The project is part of the parallel program of the 3rd Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art.