Place of memory


Personal exhibition-research

Project of the young artist of Perm devoted to research of personal geography. During the work he collected fragments on their memories, designing the exhibition space as the whole history of the installations on the basis of documentary materials and art images.

The project represents proper art objects - paintings, drawings, video art and documentary materials: old things, pictures, video from the personal archives - all results of the experiments of the artist, for the first time to access memory topic. The exhibition space docking. Video is connected with other "found objects" in the installation; video art projected on the ceiling, shows us the reconstruction of past practices (children playing with fire), along with this, there is no one modified «found art», as opposed to a map - graphics created specifically for the exhibition and collected in all the stories together.

On the one hand, this is very personal project, constructed on the study of autobiography, and on the other - it is a project about each of us, when we were children. This is a view of an adult in his childhood, reinterpreted and reconstructed in the form of art objects.

Curator: Marina Pugina

Games with fire. 2016, Video

Geography lessons.. 2016, Video

Exhibition catalogue. 2016,