Random generate in 3D-format
I am constantly experimenting trying to get out of the plane of the figure in volume. In his first solo exhibition at the Art Residence I made a small sculpture made of wood and cardboard which hung in the center of the room. I also did it without a sketch it was also an experiment to decide to create a new matter of something unusual.

This time the experiment was that in order to do something new concrete. Concrete - is a monumental material, which do not just get rid of: it's not like the tag that you can paint. The object of concrete just do not recycle, it can only be turned into even greater volume, for example, burying it in the basement. Therefore, it must be approached with even greater responsibility than to the picture on the wall, it is a responsibility in 3D-format.

My drawings are similar to what I try to do in the volume. This generation of accidents. When I started to do the formwork for the sculpture of the boards, which were renovated in the "House movers," came the workers who started to make a border. They tossed me a lot of concrete, and I made him a sculpture left at least investment. The workers have got a good, important to find a common language.

After the experiment I'm going to continue to work with concrete and metal structures in the space of the city. "