Aleksey Shchigalev


2.04.1989 (29 years old)


Aleksey Shchigalev was born in 1989 in the village of Ust-Chyornaya (Komi-Permyak AO). Then, in 1999, together with the whole family, he moved to the town of Chusovoy, where, since 2007, he began to be interested in graffiti culture. In 2011 he graduated from the Mechanics and Machine-Building Department of the Ural Federal University with a degree in Metallurgical Machinery and Equipment. Geometric abstractions, which became the hallmark of his work, were born at the junction of the engineering background of the artist and the font compositions that he painted on the streets of the city under the nickname Hrome.


In late 2014 he, along with friends - street artists, initiated the emergence of an open self-organized space called the Laboratory of Contemporary Art Dom Gruzchika (English: The House of the Loaders) in a rented workshop. For the third year, the "laboratory" has been working as an exhibition and event venue of the city, singling out as a special direction - an artistic study of the history of the place in which it is located. The history of the Kama River Shipping Company, forgotten and lost together with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is again updated with the means of modern art on the basis of the "found archives" of residents and public history.


Now the special place in the artist's work is occupied by work with the memory of the place, the personal / found archive, as well as the graphical fixation of routes and trajectories along the path of "personal geography". Burying himself in the material, he works in different genres and techniques: from painting, graphics and photo collage to video art and site-specific installations.

Персональные выставки:

2018 – «AN-2», Hinterconti, Hamburg, Germany http://www.hinterconti.de/blog/2018/05/aleksey-shchigalev-an-2/
2017 – «Observer's invisible horizon», City culture center, Perm, Russia. https://www.newsko.ru/articles/nk-4503982.html



2017 – exhibition "Introduction in a specialty" in "Cultural Transit" foundation, Ekaterinburg, Russia http://www.shchigalev.ru/kopiya-introduction-to-specialty

2016 – personal project "Place of memory" in Dom Gruzchika, Perm, Russia http://www.iddosug.net/news?id=2741

2014 – exhibition «Space of time» in Perm Art Residence, Perm, Russia https://www.perm.kp.ru/online/news/1732842/


Групповые проекты и выставки:

2018 — Stockholm Independent Art Fair «Supermarket 2018», Stockholm, Sweden

2018 — exhibition "Dorogaazgorod", fund "Cultural transit", Ekaterinburg, Russia http://aroundart.org/2018/03/27/19-25-marta/

2018 – "Taming the void. 50 years of the contemporary art of the Urals ", curator: Vladimir Seleznev, Nizhny Novgorod branch of NCCA-ROSIZO" Arsenal ", Nizhny Novgorod, Russia http://www.ncca.ru/events.text?filial=3&id=4450

2018 — exhibition "Housing and Communal Services", Dom Gruzchika, Perm, Russia


2017 – Exhibition "In the beginning was the sky", Perm State Art Gallery, Perm, Russia

2017 – Exhibition Project "Working practice" as part of the parallel program of the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, curators: Marina Pugina, Jana Tsyrlina, Perm, Russia https://perm.arttube.ru/event/vy-stavka-rabochaya-praktika/

2017 – participation in the main project of the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, curator: Joan Ribas, Ekaterinburg, Russia http://artguide.com/news/5015

2017 – "Taming the void. 50 years of the contemporary art of the Urals ", curator: Vladimir Seleznev, Ural branch of NCCA-ROSIZO, Ekaterinburg, Russia http://www.ncca.ru/events.text?filial=5&id=4233

2017 – street art project "Route" at the festival "The long story of Perm in 2017", curator: Naila Allahverdiyeva, Perm, Russia http://zvzda.ru/articles/26b8fae17ffb

2017 – "A man who tried not to press anyone: Cyril the Cross and the history of one collaboration", "Center for Urban Culture", Perm, Russia  https://www.newsko.ru/articles/nk-3945683.html

2017 – group exhibition "Art-Perm-2017", Perm, Russia

2017 – the action "Night of Museums", Dom Gruzchika, Perm, Russia

2017 – group exhibition "Men's work". National center of contemporary arts, Ekaterinburg, Russia http://www.ncca.ru/events.text?filial=5&id=3948

2017 – group exhibition "Тalks about Rothko", Central Exhibition Hall, Perm, Russia

2016 – group exhibition "Geopoetics. The new art of Perm", Perm Museum of Contemporary Art «PERMM», Perm, Russia. Curator: Anna Suvorova


2016 – group exhibition "My university", Perm Museum of Contemporary Art «PERMM», Perm, Russia. Curator: Aleksandr Shaburov.

2016 – group exhibition "The house where" 1st Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale, Dom Gruzchika, Perm, Russia https://www.newsko.ru/articles/nk-3532885.html

2016 – site-specific installation "Section", Perm State University. Perm, Russia http://www.shchigalev.ru/kopiya-section

2016 – group exhibition «Features sea», Perm State Gallery of Art, Perm, Russia   http://zvzda.ru/news/df5e85497fd5

2016 –  exhibition project within the framework of the festival "Nights-Nights", Perm Academic Theater-Theater, Perm, Russia

2016 – exhibition and coloration "Co-author", City culture center, Perm, Russia. Curator: Katya Bochavar. http://www.shchigalev.ru/co-author

2016 – group exhibition "Do not trash" in Dom Gruzchika, Perm, Russia

2016 – Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s project Open Systems. Self-Organized Art Initiatives in Russia: 2000–2015, Urals branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts, Ekaterinburg, Russia http://www.ncca.ru/events.text?filial=5&id=3378

2016 – group exhibition "Art-Perm-2016", Perm, Russia

2015 – exhibition project within the framework of the parallel program of the Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art "Map and the territory" in space of «Dom Gruzchika», Perm, Russia https://vimeo.com/138341224

2015 – public art project in the framework of the parallel program of Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art "Migration of the art", Perm, Russia

2015 – project "Intervention", Perm, Russia

2015 – exhibition-experiment "3 5 8" in space of Dom Gruzchika, Perm, Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryjQAm3cKcU

2015 – group exhibition of young artists "Volga molodaya" in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

2015 – exhibition #project 64, Moscow, Russia

2014 – Biennale of street art "Artmosfera", Moscow, Russia

2014 – exhibition of Russian and Ukrainian street artists "Transit zone", Perm Museum of Contemporary Art «PERMM», Perm, Russia. Curator: Nailya Allakhverdieva. https://youtu.be/3aGm_rcyZFk

2014 – the exhibition of two artists "Tandem", Perm Art Residence, Perm, Russia

2013 – group exhibition "HronikArt" in Perm Art Residence, Perm, Russia

Публичные интервью и дискуссии:

2016 – participation in a public interview with the topic: "How the painter's house was built: the experience of local self-organization in Perm" in the framework of the program "From Imagination to Initiative: Experiences of Self-Organization" in the Urals Branch of NCCA, Ekaterinburg, Russia