Site-specific installation

Site-specifics installation which appeared in IT center Digital Port - is the work of three residents of the Dom gruzchika Alexei Schigalev, Max Black and Dmitriy Zhushman. The object called "array" is a bare skeleton of bright red cells, triangles that formed between them in a bizarre abstract sculpture.
In programming, "array" is a structure of data represented as a group of cells of the same type, united under one single name. Conditionality work and its seemingly unfinished, on the one hand are concerned, introducing an element of chaos into an orderly geometry of space, but on the other hand, makes you think, fantasize.
Being inscribed in a place where there are offices of IT-companies saytspetsifik-sculpture supposedly seeks to finish the existing reality by simulating the construction levels of the 3-D layout. Here the artists play with the viewer's expectations. Here, we leave the high-tech center and see the real object materialized piece of virtual space.